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Date: February.11,2022

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The 1.4G private broadband trunking network plays important roles as “communication expressway” in commanding emergency communications of the Winter Olympics. It also plays critical roles in supporting communications and scheduling command for transfer of torch relay, opening ceremony, scheduling of competition venues, whole process, all scenarios and parts of the closing ceremony. It provides crucial network support for smooth completion of the Winter Olympics. On this smooth and secure “communication expressway”, enormous data, signals and commands of the sports event are promptly delivered without “barriers”. They constitute a hidden and powerful “battle line” behind.


As service provider of Beijing 1.4G private broadband trunking network, Capinfo Company Limited has been fully supporting smooth organization of the Winter Olympics since 2019. It has promoted high-quality coordinated network construction up to high standards, widely expanded “infrastructure construction for the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games, made multiple networks “interconnected” beyond “geographical limitations”, optimized applications of multimedia functions in terminal devices, and developed extraordinary strengths of the 1.4G private broadband trunking network for serving international large-scale events over three years.


Lay a solid foundation for “new infrastructure construction of the Winter Olympics”. Capinfo has focused on expanding network coverage to fully guarantee communications for the Winter Olympics. It has created the reliable, safe and controllable high-capacity and high-speed private broadband trunking network based on the technical standard for B-TrunC with independent intellectual property in China. It has cumulatively built more than 500 macro base stations, including approximately 200 base stations covering urban districts of Beijing within the fifth ring, the whole Chaoyang District, administrative office zones of sub-central business districts, suburban central districts, World Horticultural Exposition, and key areas of the Winter Olympics, including venues, special roads, service facilities and key supporting areas of the Winter Olympics.

Having made multiple networks “interconnected” across areas, it truly invested in technologies to “integrate” command scheduling between the main operation center and all venues of three major competition zones in Beijing. By overcoming different technical difficulties and barriers, Capinfo has independently and successfully developed, tested, constructed and deployed a system for interconnection of B-TrunC, TETRA and PDT. It has had the 1.4G private broadband trunking network, 800M narrowband trunking network and 350M digital trunking network across areas for coordinated commands. Being “safe”, “expedient” and “stable”, this private network is accessible to all areas in international events.


Expand functions for creation of a “smart terminal” for multimedia. The terminal of the 1.4G private broadband trunking network is like a hand-held “smart cellphone”. With diverse multimedia functions and friendly interfaces, it is easy to operate and primarily provided for the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics. It has diversified and integrated functions for single and group voice and video calls, video dropup/push, multimedia messages, GPS/BeiDou positioning, recording, and visual command scheduling, it is featured by business concurrence and long service life. For application in the Winter Olympics, this special device has passed the stringent environment test at low temperature. It fully satisfies the requirements for application in the Winter Olympics, especially skiing and sliding centers of high mountains where it is extremely cold.

This Winter Olympics is a top grand international sports event where the 1.4G private broadband trunking network made its début. Capinfo has dispatched an elite team composed of more than 200 engineers for stationing on site. It has made important contributions in all key parts of the Winter Olympics for guaranteeing its smooth progression. As a matter of fact, this network has not just given full play to its strengths in the Winter Olympics. It has been applied in multiple major events of China and Beijing since 10 years ago. It has provided critical communication support for major national and important events such as APEC Summit, the “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, two sessions of China and Beijing, the 19th Session of National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Summit of Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, the Beijing Marathon, the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, the World Horticultural Exposition, the events for celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the events for celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. As the main operator, Capinfo Company Limited, as a “political, accountable and credible” group with a strong sense of responsibility and cultural spirit, has fully demonstrated its good demeanour as a leading municipal information-based state-owned enterprise of Beijing in several trials.


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