Strive for enterprise development _CAPINFO participates in the launch of Digital Transformation Joint Solution Center of Zhongguancun Digital Economic Industry Alliance

Date: March.23,2022

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To thoroughly implement the important guiding spirit to promote the development of digital economy proposed by Premier Li Keqiang in his government work report, recently, Zhongguancun Digital Economic Industry Alliance, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., Capinfo, Beiming Software Co., Ltd. and Petro-CyberWorks Information Technology Co.,Ltd. jointly initiated the establishment of Digital Transformation Joint Solution Center of Zhongguancun Digital Economic Industry Alliance.


On the afternoon of March 8, the opening ceremony of the Center was solemnly held. Zhang Guilin, Secretary and Director of the Party Committee of Beijing SASAC, Chairman of Zhongguancun Digital Economy Industry Alliance, Wu Gang, Vice President of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., President of Digital Government and Vice President of the Alliance, Yu Donghui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Capinfo Company  Co., Ltd., Li Feng, Chairman of Beiming Software Co., Ltd., Zhang Liujun, Vice President of Petro-CyberWorks Information Technology Co., Ltd., Xu Huijie, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beijing Subway Operation Co., Ltd., Wang Jian, Vice General Manager of Beijing Enterprises Group Company Limited, Guan Wenjie, Vice President of Huaxia Bank Co., Ltd. and representatives of member units of Zhongguancun Digital Economic Industry Alliance attended the opening ceremony.


Yu Donghui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Capinfo Company  Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony of the Center (second from the right)

Comprehensive incubation of multi-sector innovative solutions for sustainable development

Focusing on the cloud platform, big data and state-owned assets supervision, informatization of party construction, collaborative office, state-owned enterprise transformation, smart city and new technologies including smart park, smart heating, smart power plant and smart water, the center will continuously carry out in-depth research and provide digital solutions with industry benchmark significance to produce demonstration effect.


Fully mobilize resources and promote the digital transformation of enterprises with the strategy of "three steps"

Dependent on the platform advantage of Zhongguancun Digital Economic Industry Alliance, the center will give full play to its comprehensive technical strength of the digitization of technical base, data application, scene business, management collaboration, marketing service, operation service, etc., as well as expert advantages in consulting planning, system architecture, business sorting, etc.

Combined with the successful experience of enterprise digitization, through the three-step development strategy of "enabling the transformation strategy_assisting the enterprise digitization, reconstructing the value system_enhancing the overall value benefit of the sustainable development of the enterprise and new capacity building_making the data serve the promotion of the enterprise value", the center helps enterprises to accurately determine the transformation direction, promote the enterprise to quickly respond to the change of market demand through the accurate and effective digital decision-making, successfully open up new value growth space, and achieve the digital transformation benefit rapidly.


At present, relying on its brand-new innovation strength in big data, blockchain, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and digital twin technology, Capinfo Company  Co., Ltd. is equipped with the comprehensive ability to provide high-quality digital transformation solutions for entity units, especially state-owned enterprises. In the future, the company will live up to its potential for the development of enterprises, adapt to the new trend of digital transformation, provide a multi-dimensional support service center, aim to provide deeply integrated, fast, flexible, efficient and convenient digitalization innovation solutions for more enterprises, help enterprises actively overcome the new challenges of high efficiency and rapid response in the digital era, and continuously promote the deep development of digital transformation. 

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