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Date: March.02,2022

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Summary of the product:

In response to digital economy as well as digitalization of governments and state-owned enterprises, we have constructed a 1+1+3 service system. We provide users with multiple types of services such as VR visualization, data profiles, smart data search, customization of application scenarios and multidimensional data analysis. We have developed functions for big data operation and analysis, forecast, warning and command dispatching, to provide decision support for leaders at all levels.

Advantages in technical products:

1. Integrate functions for monitoring, analyzing and responding to an enormous amount of multi-source heterogeneous data, to support users’ smart understanding of the analysis processes and assist managers in rapidly drafting response plans;

2. Design a top-level architecture of big data solutions composed of “foundation, core platforms and application scenarios” to “analyze problems on a case-by-case basis”, to make top level designs more scientific and practical;

3. Make data available to more people at lower levels and help our customers transform their conventional model of “blind collection” into a creative model, namely “to collect data based on duties and needs”.

Representative cases:

Huitian brain project of Changping District, big data project for operation of administrative office zones of Beijing urban subcenters, and big data project for medical insurance of Dongcheng District, Beijing

Huitian brain project of Changping district: Guided by “Huitian Area for Big Data Management” and based on our big data solutions, we built a data foundation named “Huitian Brain”, where the functions for positioning and tracking with geographic information system, dynamic real-time sensing of people flow, accurate positioning of street/town profiles, capability evaluation on community governance, epidemic prevention and control as well as warning. This project fully presents “data trend” of the Huitian Area, keeps leaders informative about real-time data changes, provides scientific basis for decision-making and “makes the overall situation visible through one screen”.

Big data project for operation of administrative office zones of Beijing urban subcenters: Based on our big data solutions, we constructed a data foundation and a data analysis system for this project. A complete, solid and precise data foundation suitable for business scenarios was built mainly by sorting out existing data inventories, classifying and warehousing current data, to keep managers of government affairs informative. The data analysis system was mainly constructed based on the data foundation. In combination with the business scenarios, multi-dimensional and user-defined data analysis is performed for data conversion, in order to effectively improve routine management of government affairs in offices to make office work on government affairs digital and scientific.  

Big data project for medical insurance of Dongcheng District, Beijing: Based on our big data solutions, we built a big data platform for medical insurance for supervision of medical security funds and visual presentation of data regarding medical insurances in Dongcheng District. The medical data analysis module we built, where our advantages in big data and artificial intelligence are given into full play, intelligently monitors data about medical insurance, promptly detects anomalies, identifies data on suspicious frauds for benefits from medical insurance, and protects every penny of people to “support their life after retirement” and “keep them alive”.


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