Applications of basic blockchain service product

Date: March.02,2022

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Summary of the product:

In combination with the needs for the capital’s government services, citizen services and urban management, multiple functions of blockchain services, including data storage, node management, communication encryption and inter-blockchain interaction are integrated for making them independently controllable, safe and trustworthy so that deployment, operation and maintenance of upper-level applications are no longer complicated with the support of lower-level chains. With these functions, multiple integrated applications, including “one-clip deployment” of blockchain businesses, full lifecycle management of blockchain registration, and multi-consortium blockchains, have been realized.

Advantages in technical products:

1. Lower thresholds and create heterogeneous underlying blockchain ecology: Unify access standards for underlying blockchains, make heterogeneous blockchains compatible and construct benign blockchain ecology; unify underlying inter-blockchain standards and have heterogeneous blockchains interconnected; unify scheduling standards for underlying blockchains and switch heterogeneous chains.

2. Make innovation of models and make professional operations platform-oriented: Unify accesses to underlying blockchain suppliers; unify interfaces of blockchain services and shield differences in underlying blockchains; unify measurement standards for blockchains and evaluate application complexity.

Representative cases:

Basic blockchain service platform of Xicheng District, directory blockchain platform of Xicheng District

Basic blockchain service platform of Xicheng District: Based on our basic blockchain service platform, we built the basic blockchain service platform of Xicheng District. On the basis of its underlying blockchain, this platform has basic common functions of blockchains, including node management, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, account management, plugin management and privacy protection. It provides upper layers with data application, access and aggregation services of the access layer. It empowers applications of upper layers such as smart contract management, identity authentication management, user management for consortiums, operation and maintenance management. Regulated by access, inter-blockchain and interaction standards, this platform provides blockchain application services for various users of Xicheng District, assists governments in making innovations of their management methods and constructs a new social governance system.

Directory blockchain platform of Xicheng District: This platform has “duty directories” of committees, offices and bureaus of Xicheng District registered on a blockchain based on our basic blockchain service platform and in accordance with “system directory-resource directory-inventory directory-data directory”. A distributed system has been constructed for unified control over directories of the entire district. This directory blockchain platform makes data sharing automatic, fully traceable, safe and controllable by storing directories, clarifying data sharing rules and recording data access processes. It builds new models for Xicheng District to share and evaluate government data, efficiently laying a foundation for unified scheduling, management and control of government data.


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