“Shouxintong” – a safe and open mobile product

Date: March.22,2022

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“Shouxintong”, which is a safe and open mobile platform, has been designed with the combined use of core technologies such as sandbox, cloud computing, big data and microservices. It is our first functional product we have developed through years of hard work in the field of smart cities by empowering creation of different business scenarios and application innovations, integrated with mature solutions (including integrated e-government and prompt response to complaints) and basic platform service capabilities. As a universal service platform, Shouxintong has created a new safe and smart office model. With a safe system constructed based on sandbox and authentication platform, it comprises of a unified identity authentication center, application management center and message management center. It makes instant messaging, posting, integration of workbench applications, address book and other functions available to governments, public institutions and enterprises. In addition, the two fundamental tools, namely “Capinfo smart building” and “park management”, have been integrated on “Shouxintong”, so on this platform, it is possible to fill in datasheets, complete questionnaires and examine procedures. Shouxintong provides efficient online services for employees of governments and enterprises, truly making expedient digital services available for management of human resources, businesses and material resources of industrial parks. 


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